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Since 1992, the Partner Bank, a bank customised in providing provisions for its customers, has been working together with other financial advisors to specialise in offering consultation and support to people with their financial planning and their accumulation of wealth. In the process, we place our trust in stocks, funds, and physical gold. Besides having our headquarters in Linz and a branch office in Brünn, we cooperate with professional financial service providers in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and Slovenia, in order to serve our customers in the best way possible.

At Partner Bank, our name symbolises everything we stand for. Having a partnership with our co-workers on an eye-to-eye level is our commitment, because trust, responsibility, and mutual support is our main focus. We consider it important to evaluate different perspectives on a topic and to reflect on it in an interdisciplinary manner. A genuine culture of consultation is a fundamental component of our mission statement, and therefore makes up the core of our company’s philosophy.

The competent and comprehensive way our departments cooperate with each other, our first-class digitalisation support network, regular training, in particular expert training and seminars with industry experts that we offer, facilitate both sides: your know-how, your social skills, and your economic success, as well as it does ours.

Take advantage of our attractive career opportunities and apply now. Our Digitalisation Team and our Sales Department, with language skills in Hungarian, Czech, Slovakian, and Slovenian, especially look forward to your support and contributions.


Position Type of employment Location
Sales-Assistent (Full Time) Full time Linz
Software Architect Full time Linz
Lawyer (Full-time) Full time Linz
PHP software developer (F/M) Full time Linz
Training position: OFFICE CLERK (F/M) Full time Linz
Application process with us
  • Step 1 Your meaningful and interesting application

    Best as PDF file to

  • Step 2 Getting to know each other personally at management level

    Personal discussion with the responsible board member of your future department
    and the member of the Executive Board with responsibility for Human Resources

  • Step 3 Getting to know your special field personally

    We will take a few hours to present you your future field of activity
    and the banking business.

  • Step 4 Decision making

    We define the details for our future cooperation by contract

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