Training position: OFFICE CLERK (F/M)

We are an innovative Austrian private bank that offers financial service providers an extensive range of capital investments for their own customers. Starting in summer/autumn 2019, we are offering a training position as an Office Clerk (F/M).


You are the perfect match for us if you:

  • have a very good GPA
  • have very good German language skills
  • have a compulsory school degree (high school drop-outs are also welcome)
  • have a well-groomed appearance and enjoy communication, as well as dealing with people
  • have a business understanding and affinity for the banking sector, as well as stocks and bonds
  • are motivated, flexible, and willing to learn
  • possibly have foreign language skills (especially Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, and Slovenian)


Your job duties will be:

  • Office-related and organisational duties
  • Management support
  • Supporting diverse departments within the company (such as accounting systems, Service Centre, etc.) in administrative matters


This is what we offer you:

  • in addition to attending vocational school, you can work independently with us by joining our dedicated team that can provide you with very good development opportunities
  • the apprenticeship compensation during the first year is currently €826.18


The vocational training starts in summer/autumn 2019, and takes 3 years.

Are you interested in this job? Write us!

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