Lawyer (Full-time)

We are an innovative Austrian private bank that offers financial service providers an extensive range of capital investments for their own customers, and we are interested in strengthening our IT Team.


You are the perfect match for us if you:

  • share with us the same passion for stocks and bonds, capital markets, as well as innovative ideas
  • want to support the departments, the law and compliance arrangements, as well as immediate management
  • most of all, show an interest in economical and supervisory topics, along with interest in classic lawyer activities (examining contracts, correspondence with authorities, etc.)
  • define your work style as being independent, accurate, and flexible
  • appreciate challenging matters and are able to solve them with enthusiasm and strong commitment


Your duties include, among other things, a certain cooperation that focuses on the implementation of new regulatory requirements across the international banking sector and international stocks and bonds business, as well as the development of new markets.


This is what we offer you:

  • an active team with experienced colleagues
  • an independent and most of all intersectoral job
  • interdisciplinary cooperation with diverse departments
  • rapid decision-making processes
  • a performance-focused compensation with a gross annual starting salary of €31,000, as well as the willingness to pay more for certain qualifications
  • the opportunity to further develop yourself on a professional and personal level
  • an international work environment


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